Annual Report

Annual Report 2014

The mantra ‘retool, rebuild, renew’ resonated throughout the year as HAC continued its work improving housing conditions for the rural poor. Even as the economy begins to improve, many rural communities and Americans continue to struggle with the aftermath of the national housing crisis and recession. Similarly, some rural housing providers have scaled back their […]

Annual Report 2013

The achievements of our partners across rural America are a constant source of inspiration. Even during these trying times when organizations are faced with funding cuts, a struggling economy, and a rural housing market still undergoing recovery, dedicated organizations and individuals work daily to improve the lives of low-income rural residents. HAC looks back at […]

A Commitment to Capacity

A Commitment to CapacityPrint Copy: $5.00This report examines HAC’s loan fund on the occassion of its fortieth year of funding rural affordable housing. June, 2012

Annual Report 2012

2012 Annual Report After nearly five years of economic crisis, foreclosure, and declining home values, indicators are finally pointing to the beginnings of a housing recovery. Yet this recovery is not occurring in all places at the same speed. An untold number of rural Americans are still struggling after what was the worst economic recession […]